#NCXS Is Just Weeks Away Now!

With the National Cyclo-Cross Series beginning so soon, we thought it only fair to introduce you to each of our partners for the 2018 season! Read through to meet each brand and what they bring to the table. 

First up, Bombtrack Bicycle Co. It's pretty easy to see what Bombtrack bring to the table, but what you might not already know is that we work with Bombtrack in Cologne to give them feedback on next year's CX bikes, and we're pretty excited about what we're about to get our hands on for this year! We were over the moon this time last year when Lana and I received our pre-production sample 2019 Hook ALs, and even happier when they turned out to be exactly what we needed in a value-packed, affordable and race-ready cyclocross bike! 


Next, is Treadly Bike Shop. Treadly is the rock that BTR is built upon - a stalwart of the Adelaide bike scene and often misnomered as the expensive, hipster bike shop, Treadly has become the place to go when you want something you don't think you'll be able to get anywhere! From boutique parts to a very capable service workshop, without the tyranny of a big brand dictating what can and can't be there, Treadly makes sure our bikes run properly and fills the gaps in our sponsorships so we can focus on getting to the races!


MAAP Apparel have carved a spot for themselves among the titans of cycling kit with a dedication to the best materials and constantly tweaking their fits so every season's kit fits better than the last. We are lucky to have MAAP help us out with custom-designed team kit made in Italy, drawing on all the same development they've done over the years to keep our butts comfy and our kit lookin' great. Having opened warehouses in both Europe and the US in the last year has meant they've got a lot more on their plate, but the kit certainly hasn't suffered! We're excited to see the finished product of this year's design when it arrives is just a couple of weeks!


One of the brands that's always been there for Treadly (and now, Bombtrack Treadly Racing) is Chrome Industries. With bombproof messenger bags and shoes, they've been around the traps forever and we can't get enough of the gear they send out to us. If you ever need a new rainjacket that does looks as good as it functions on the commute (hint - it's excellent for commuting) and will keep you bone-dry on a wet and wild CX course sideline, look no further than that Storm Cobra 2.0 jacket we've been in for a year now. They are amazing!


Schwalbe are another brand that have backed us again for the 2018 season, with much success had on their tyres for us in 2017! We spent much of last season on the X-One Bites, but considering the Schwalbe tyres are so easy to swap and re-tubeless with a floor pump we'll be swapping the Allrounds in a lot more this season for those drier races - we just can't go past how god-dang quick they roll! We want to get in a handful of the new X-One Speed for those longer training rides where hitting the bitumen is inevitable. 



New to us this year is Monday's Coffee Store! Monday's are some very good friends of ours, and it helps that the coffee is the best in town. With two locations in the Adelaide CBD and their beans turning up in more places than you can keep track of, it's becoming hard to drink anything else - not to mention that little bean guy is cute as all hell. 

A late bloomer when it comes to this year's partners, Hunt Bike Wheels are helping us get closer to complete bikes from the frames that Bombtrack are sending out, and it helps that they're the wheels that would be stocked on the bike anyway! With more and more bikes coming through our doors with Hunt wheels on them and their sponsorship of our stablemate at Bombtrack, Gosse, we thought it only made sense to approach them about this year's season! You'll see us on Hunt wheels just about as soon as we can get our hands on some, but for now they're going to be on the final mock up of the tees that'll be up for preorder for another 24h very soon!

Returning for a second year is NUUN Hydration! If you didn't come past the BTR tent to grab a free NUUN tab last season, make it up to yourself this year and come on through and get one. We love the little boost they give you before or during a race, and the benefits of having some electrolytes on hand whenever you start to feel a little off colour or crampy are second to none! 


Finally, Squirt is a lube we found to work really well for us over the last season - with regular application the wax element helped keep our drivetrains pretty clean. We were very excited when they said yes to being a partner of BTR for the 2018 season! Expect us to have some Squirt lube for you at the races when you get there and realise you have that good old chain squeak going on!

Now that you know who's supporting us this year, help them out and show them some love where you can! If you're on the fence about getting yourself some new gear from any of these brands, we'll be more than happy to answer any questions about our experiences with their products, this year and last year where applicable!

Now get out there and get 'cross!