The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here at BTR, with our team kit preorder going up, more traffic to the site than ever, a Port Adelaide Cycling Club CXTwiLite race on Monday, and some road racing on the side for a couple of our riders, we've been flat chat!

The kit order has been placed, and good news for you if you missed out - we've ordered a handful of extra skinsuits and a couple of extra jerseys to fill out the MOQ! Those will go up here on the site when we take delivery of the kit in May, but if you'd like to get in ahead of the rest get in touch with us and we can sort something out for you. 

Treadly has been working with local screenprinter SEVERE EXPOSURE for several years now, and we love Brett's work too. We've taken this year's design motif from the MAAP-designed kit, and turned it into a t-shirt design - which will be available in both short sleeves and long sleeves for those of you who run hot and those of who want a little more sleeve in your life! While we are aware of the perceived shady-ness of two pre-orders in a row, this one is a totally diferent beast - no 12-week wait here as the shirts are already in stock at the printer, we'll just need to know how many of what sizes y'all want so we don't run out of one before selling any of the others! 

Finally, the winner of the welcome to the club prize pack (up for grabs to everyone who picked up a skinsuit in the pre-order) is Sam Morphett! Congratulations Sam, we'll be in touch!

If you'd like to keep up with everyone who has joined the Bombtrack Treadly Racing Club in 2018, we'll have a page up in the TEAM section very soon with all their handles so you can give them a follow!