Shoes, duffle and jacket by Chrome, Image by Genevieve Devereaux

Shoes, duffle and jacket by Chrome, Image by Genevieve Devereaux

From the beginning of Treadly Bike Shop, we've loved Chrome Industries. Their roots line up with the shop's core values, and their products have always stood the test of time, no matter what we throw at them. We approached Chrome about partnering with the Bombtrack Treadly Racing team for the Winter 2017 season, kind of expecting that we'd get lost in the undoubtable sea of requests for sponsored riders every week, so we were amazed to hear they were keen to work with us! 

Chrome has been making indestructible bags in the US since 1995, and soon after had found the signature buckle that would make them synonymous with fast-moving couriers worldwide - the clasps of seatbelts they'd cut out of cars at salvage yards. Now with a full range of clothing from lightweight shorts to rugged moto denim as well as bags for everyone from the commuter to the full-time messenger, Chrome have spent their twenty-odd years doing nothing but grow.

Chrome is a brand worth admiring - from their constant and consistent development of better and better bags for getting your stuff around by bike (and increasingly, off the bike), to their domestic production of shoes in the US, to their support of racing teams like Cinelli Chrome we are stoked to have them on board with BTR. Not just that, we're very glad to have their Storm Cobra jackets on our back, Storm Truk shoes on our feet and the rest of our race-day gear in a Medium Duffle bag!

If you want one of the jackets we look so comfy in at the races, or a pair of waterproof shoes for yourself to waltz around in the mud with, get in touch with Treadly Bike Shop if you're in Australia or find a Chrome Hub near you internationally!