#NCXS Is Just Weeks Away Now!

#NCXS Is Just Weeks Away Now!

With the National Cyclo-Cross Series beginning so soon, we thought it only fair to introduce you to each of our partners for the 2018 season! Read through to meet each brand and what they bring to the table. 


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here at BTR, with our team kit preorder going up, more traffic to the site than ever, a Port Adelaide Cycling Club CXTwiLite race on Monday, and some road racing on the side for a couple of our riders, we've been flat chat!

The kit order has been placed, and good news for you if you missed out - we've ordered a handful of extra skinsuits and a couple of extra jerseys to fill out the MOQ! Those will go up here on the site when we take delivery of the kit in May, but if you'd like to get in ahead of the rest get in touch with us and we can sort something out for you. 

Treadly has been working with local screenprinter SEVERE EXPOSURE for several years now, and we love Brett's work too. We've taken this year's design motif from the MAAP-designed kit, and turned it into a t-shirt design - which will be available in both short sleeves and long sleeves for those of you who run hot and those of who want a little more sleeve in your life! While we are aware of the perceived shady-ness of two pre-orders in a row, this one is a totally diferent beast - no 12-week wait here as the shirts are already in stock at the printer, we'll just need to know how many of what sizes y'all want so we don't run out of one before selling any of the others! 

Finally, the winner of the welcome to the club prize pack (up for grabs to everyone who picked up a skinsuit in the pre-order) is Sam Morphett! Congratulations Sam, we'll be in touch!

If you'd like to keep up with everyone who has joined the Bombtrack Treadly Racing Club in 2018, we'll have a page up in the TEAM section very soon with all their handles so you can give them a follow!



It's been a whirlwind season, that went on forever and simultaneously felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. A team of nine (one down on the rostered ten due to an unfortunate collarbone injury) started 91 races over 13 rounds of racing, picking up 8 race wins, 33 podiums, 2 State Championships, 2 National Championships, 2 National Series wins (and 2 National Series runners-up) and having an absolute blast while we did it.



From the beginning of Treadly Bike Shop, we've loved Chrome Industries. Their roots line up with the shop's core values, and their products have always stood the test of time, no matter what we throw at them. We approached Chrome about partnering with the Bombtrack Treadly Racing team for the Winter 2017 season, kind of expecting that we'd get lost in the undoubtable sea of requests for sponsored riders every week, so we were amazed to hear they were keen to work with us! 


It feels like we're only just back from Brisbane, and already we're gearing up for Nationals here in Adelaide!

After 26hours in the van, the team bikes and myself turned up to meet the rest of the team at Baden Powell Park in Samford, just outside Brisbane's North West suburbs, for Rounds 2 and 3 of the National CX Series. We came into these rounds off the back of some good racing here in Adelaide at the State Championships two weeks before, with Seal taking our her State Championship race and a shoe-in to back it up in Brisbane twice, as the only entrant in WMAS1! These two wins rocketed her to the top of the leaderboard for the series and the leader's jersey, with a comfortable lead over second place coming into Round 3 here in a couple of weeks.

I managed to be the second headline of the weekend, lining up against some locals in Expert and going out a little too hard on the first lap of Saturday's race to lose two places and eventually regain one thanks to a mechanical and finish second, and then race a little smarter on Sunday to take out the win - netting me a bagful of series points and the series leader's jersey.

Just like last year's journey to Bright for our first interstate CX trip, two very different and equally challenging courses up in the hot Brisbane sun have left us eager to return next year and cemented QLD as yet another great place to race cyclocross!

Join us at Zombie Park (Sir Donald Bradman Drv, just off West Tce) in Adelaide on August 5 and 6 for the National Championships and Round 4 of the National Series!


It's been a whirlwind week here post-SA State Champs and pre-Brisbane national rounds! We had some stellar results on Sunday with Becca and Seal taking out their Masters Categories to become State Champions, and then between them, Lana and Camille we took out 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th in the Elite Women's race. Max and Harry represented us well in the Men's Elite race with Max taking out a strong 6th in the middle of a Focus Attaquer CX train and Paul rained pure strength on his Masters race aboard his Arise SSCX. 

We're all now in the process of getting 2000km across the country to race in Brisbane, with some flying and Paul (on his own) and myself (with Andy of SVxMAAP fame) on our respective ways on four wheels, ready to contest the next two rounds of the National Cyclocross Series in Brisbane this weekend.  

If if you're at the races, come and say hi, grab a team cap off me (to help us get home!) and score yourself a Nuun while you're at it! 


"I travelled interstate this past weekend to race the first race of the Australian National CX Series with a bunch of teammates and general mates. On Saturday was a state series race that we couldn’t get any points from, and then Sunday was a national round that was the main reason we had travelled over for. This was the first Elite race of the season. Last year was my first season racing Elite, thrown in the deep end after racing 1 (one!) A grade race. New year, new team, new team bike, new team skinsuit, and new anxieties about my place racing elite. I’ve always tried to be honest about the racing process and how I work through it, and will be putting some writing together about this year. In summary, it was a fantastic weekend. We were blessed with ice cold sunshine and rad course conditions. The women’s field has nearly doubled from last year and is SO strong. Sunday’s Elite race was an absolute blast, I held some wheels, dropped some wheels, and fought for my position all race and proved I earned it winning a sprint finish, even if it was for 16th place (I don’t think I’ve ever sprinted before, I didn’t think I even could!) I discovered my heart rate when standing on the start line is over 140bpm, I’m learning to rip the corners, I’m the least smooth at riding the pump track, and I’m still awful at post race nutrition. Here’s to the rest of the year of racing! "

Photos by Jake Thomas and Genevieve Devereaux!

Note: This post originally appeared on Lana's personal blog, here. Check out more of her excellent photo work there, in HD!


We headed out this Sunday just gone to get some nice, fancy pictures with our new skinsuits in them. We hit a local loop we do once a week that runs up and down the River Torrens and includes some stairs, some muddy run-ups, and a few technical corners. 

After something to eat back at home base, we headed out and up to the back of Pioneer Women's Trail for some city views and some serious #lightbro.  Everyone spent the whole day grinning from ear to ear about how good the new kit looked, and how nice it felt to have something that had been custom designed, made just for us. 

A big thanks to MAAP Apparel for making us feel special, and to Andy Rogers / Fame & Spear Photography for squeezing us into a very busy weekend!

bombtrack treadly racing full team photo

FOCUS CROSSFIRE Rounds 1&2 are behind us, and we have a Bright future!

We've had a blast at the first two rounds of local competition, with unseasonal wintry conditions making for a nice proving ground to test some new bikes, new tyres, new gear and of course, the new name! Everyone's been getting back into the swing of things, and we're excited to share our new kit design with you all in the week leading up to the beginning of the National Series in Bright, Vic.

Once we're back, we'll be putting everything on show for you on Sunday June 18th at 55ml, where we'll have a few spare team skinsuits and plenty of team caps for sale to help us get to the rest of the National rounds! Join us for a drink and some Tony Tomatoes pizza, and ogle the fancy new paint job on Max's Hook 3. 

For full results from the racing on May 7 and 28 here in Adelaide, head on over to CrossResults - the Round 1 results are here, and the Round 2 results over here!


First, there was #teamtreadlyteam. A ragtag but lovable bunch racing in mostly t-shirts and bibs for a Summer season here in Adelaide, it soon became clear that we were actually all pretty good - several race wins (in B-grade) sprinkled across the team led to some re-grading and suddenly we had racers in nearly every grade. 

From this grew #treadlycx - a way for us to fly the flag for some of our favourite brands for 55 minutes at a time. We were supported by MAAP, Bombtrack, Schwalbe, Good Fuel Co, and Stans No Tubes, and we had a bumper season! On top of racing in our home state of South Australia, we had a handful of racers head over to Bright and Mt Beauty for some extra racing, and a few even go over to Fields Of Joy to tackle one of the hardest courses in Australian cyclocross. 

With the advent of Bombtrack Treadly Racing, we are able to take a full roster of 7 riders - 4 women and 3 men - to each round of the Cyclocross National Series as well as our home state series, with an extra race at Mt Beauty thrown in because it's arguably the most fun of the entire season.

We are proud to introduce you to each and every one of our partners, and we look forward to seeing you at a race somewhere!